Script Settings and Auto-Complete

I can’t get auto-complete to work properly for completions that are defined in script elements. I’d expect them to behave just like the completions that are defined in project settings.

At the beginning of this video, John Doe is prefilled in script settings. The project completions are empty.
Whether I press enter or tab, John Doe doesn’t get the colon and tab, that project list completions get.
At the end, Jane Moe is automatically added to project completions, as expected. While John Doe is still in the script element completions, his name doesn’t get suggested anymore.


I don’t understand a word of Underwood’s post, but @Treintje I understand your problem.

Which script mode are you using? In the script mode I use (stage play UK) all character auto completes are stored in the project settings -> auto complete list -> scope script (character & dalogue).

Format-> Scriptwriting -> Script Settings -> (Script Element) -> Auto Complete is only used for generic stuff, in my case (Pause) and (Beat).

The script mode handles this by itself, no problems at all. Just guessing here, but the problem could be the way the script mode is set up. Try if the problem persists in a different script mode.



It could be a case the example getting in the way of what you’re looking for, but maybe the example is a good one in that it highlights the intentional mechanical difference between these two auto-completion lists. The project list is where project-specific information is meant to be store, and as such it functions differently within the context of the scriptwriting tool—where it is recognised that what it is being used for is content.

On the other hand, script settings are an abstract set of rules used to format many different projects. “Screenplay” for example, does not as an inherent quality of all screenplays that have been and will be written, a system that needs the phrase “John Doe” used over and over within it. We might write a screenplay featuring John Doe, but John Doe is a character in one screenplay, not a feature of all screenplays.

The script settings auto-complete list is for providing general-purpose shortcuts, like “(beat)” that are a function of writing scripts as a whole, not for printing the names of characters or places. As such, they do not get treated as content level completions for the purposes of syntax—like putting a colon after it.

P.S. Underwood1 was a spammer.

Thank you, that makes sense! I guess it’s an “UX bug” then, because the tab in Script Settings is about different kinds of auto completion, without making the differences intuitively clear.