Script Settings Element Font Color?

I am flummoxed. Why is there no Colour option in the Font tab for Script Settings? Am I missing it somewhere else?

If I am not missing it, and there’s no reason for it to not be there, I’d like to place an order for it. It would make me extremely happy to be able to set the color for each of these elements.

Thanks in advance for any solutions or future feature implementations! (since certainly this is the best idea ever) :smiley:


Can I ask why you would want this? I’ve never heard of multi-coloured scripts… :slight_smile:

Heya, Keith.

It helps me with visual recognition/organization when I’m reading back through the project. Makes it much easier to keep track of where I am and find sections I’m looking for; and just generally makes for a more pleasurable read (which is very important when reading the same thing over and over and over).

Plus, even if I weren’t writing a “script” I’d use the script elements as stylesheets (to add other formatting and color via a keystroke which is the important part). I’ve tweaked all of the elements in this project and added a few of my own as it is.

Take a look at this screenshot. It’s an in-progress graphic novel(s) script I moved over from Montage to Scriv this weekend (and am now going through and reassigning elements). I find reading and navigating it much nicer than back when it was monochrome.



You can apply keyboard shortcuts to Presets, which can hold colour information and everything else that scripting formats can do. The main thing you lose out on is the procedural aspects, like flowing from one type of formatting to another or having an alternate available via tab.

Thanks, AmberV.

I have yet to find where to assign keystrokes to presets but I’ll take a look next time I’m digging around in the manual. I do use the auto-formatting though and think I’d rather stick with the other aspects of script elements.

Thanks for the tip though!


It might not be in the manual itself—it’s kind of more just a Mac OS X thing. In the System Preferences:Keyboard pane, you can assign keyboard shortcuts to any Mac applications so long as it has an attached menu for it—and Presets all get their own menu item.

Ah. Very cool. I had no idea. Thanks again :smiley: