Script settings for stage plays in Spanish

I tried to change my script settings so my plays look like this image. This is the way plays written in Spanish usually look like. My main problem is that Scrivener keeps interpreting all the text in the same line as a single element. How would you solve this?

En español, por si otras personas hispanas están por acá: quiero escribir mis obras de teatro con el formato que usamos en español. El problema es que Scrivener no me permite cambiar de elemento si no cambio de línea. ¿Ideas de cómo solucionarlo?


Look at a provided script format which features a Character & Dialogue combination element. Stage Play (UK) has this. Open the Script Settings for that format and carefully examine the settings for the Char & Diag element. The main thing is how it is set to respond to the tab character to distinguish the two parts of the element.

O traducido al español de Google :blush:: mire un formato de guión provisto que presenta un elemento de combinación de personaje y diálogo. Stage Play (UK) tiene esto. Abra la configuración del script para ese formato y examine cuidadosamente la configuración del elemento Char & Diag. Lo principal es cómo está configurado para responder al carácter de tabulación para distinguir las dos partes del elemento.

I hope you are not building your script format from scratch! It seems like the format you are looking for could most easily be arrived at by duplicating and adapting one of the provided script formats that is close to what you want. Starting from one that uses the combo Char & Dialog element seems like the right place to start.