Script settings


I’m a french sceenwriter who’s trying Scrivener. Please excuse my very poor english.

I really like the soft but I’ve some problems with the script settings.

For exemple

If I decide to change the font of the characters, I change the right script settings but nothing happens in my documents. I mean I can’t change that automatically for all characters items. I have to do manually.

Also I think it’s not easy to set up the page format.

So for the moment I’m using scrivener as a (very good, very nice) notebook (ideas, images, footage etc) and I 'm writing the script on Microsoft Word.

Could you help to do all that in scrivener ? And I’ll buy it and make a good french add

Sincerely yours

Hello plocploc,

Could you tell us where you change the font exactly? You have more than one place to do it, and depending on which you choose, I can tell you different things :wink:

What exactly do you mean with ‘setting up the page format’?
Keep in mind that Scrivener doesn’t do much (if any) page formatting. Scrivener lets you write, and worry about formatting later.




Thanks for your answer.

I’ll try to explain that in a better way (please remember I’m french)

Maybe it’s a mistake but I wanted my scrivener page looks like my word’s page when I’m writing a script.
For example, I’m using italic for the dialogues. And dialogues + characters are usually centered in my page (a A4 format very common in Europe but not in the US).

So in scripts settings it’s easy to specify italic for the dialogue. And off course all my dialogues will now be written with italic. But if I decide to change that and I want that all my dialogues are regular, I’ll change the scripts settings (back to regular instead of italic) but in my page nothing will happen automatically (writing with word you can change the “style” if you want and the style will change all over the page)

Maybe it’s stupid but I’d like to find as much as possible the same page format writing my script under Scrivener as I’m used under Word. But off course with the very nice possibilities of Scrivener.

Excuse me if i’m not clear. I do my best but don’t have enough time to watch out my collins dictionary

All the best

Sorry, Scrivener (or rather, the Apple text engine it uses) doesn’t support Word-like styles. A “style” in Scrivener is a handy label for a set of formats, but it doesn’t mark the text as dialogue (or whatever). For this kind of document-level reformatting you would need to use Word or another word processor.