Script to find entry in Bookends

I’m replacing all of my Bookends citations to make them less ambiguous (including unique IDs helps a lot).

What I’d love is a script that takes the highlighted text, copies it to the clipboard, and brings up that entry in Bookends. Then it’s a simple command-Y to replace the highlighted citation in Scrivener.

Anyone? :neutral_face:

Michael U

Scrivener doesn’t support AppleScript at the moment, I’m afraid, so I doubt this can be achieved. AppleScript is on the list for a 2.x update.
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This might be another situation where Keyboard Maestro could provide a solution.

I don’t think there is much AppleScript support (if any) in Bookends, either, so even if you could script the Scrivener side of things, I’m not sure you could do anything in Bookends (unless you use something like Keyboard Maestro).

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