Script Writing mode status bar popup not working properly?

In “Step 3: Footer View”

The following segment gives some instructions:
"Scriptwriting Mode
The footer view will change depending on what you are viewing inside the document. For instance, if you are typing a script (such as a movie screenplay), the footer view will give you information on the various script elements. Try selecting Format > Scriptwriting > Script Mode - Screenplay from the main menu now. The word and character count will disappear and you will see another pop-up menu appear on the right saying “General Text” (this just means that the currently selected text isn’t recognised as a part of a screenplay). Click into the text on the line below:

Click into this text."

When I click on the pop up, as instructed and select the different options, my results seem off. Here they are, what do you think?:

“Scene Heading”: Text is indented, and the status bar at the bottom says “[tab]Scene Heading, [Enter] Action”
“Action”: Text moved up a line, and the status bar reads “[tab] Action, [Enter] Action”
“Character”: Text is indented yet again, and the status bar reads “[tab] Parenthetical,[Enter] Dialogue”
“Parenthetical”: Text is moved up a line and parenthisis are inserted at the cursor point, and the status bar reads “[tab]Dialogue, [Enter] Dialogue”
“Dialogue”: Text is moved back a tab, and the status bar reads “[tab] Parenthetical, [Enter] Action”
“Transition”: Blank line is inserted, text is indented one tab further, and status bar reads “[tab] Scene Heading, [Enter] Scene Heading”
“Shot”: Blank line inserted, text brought back to one tab from margin, and status bar reads “[tab] Shot, [Enter] Action”
“General text”: No change to text, status bar remains as it was from whatever was selected last.

During this, the parenthisis remained from the first time they were inserted.

I hope this helps, Lunarclipper

One more thing in this section. Read the following two paragraphs from the bottom of “Step 3: Footer View”:

If you ever find that the word and character count has disappeared from the footer bar, it is most likely because you have accidentally switched into scriptwriting mode, so even if you’re not writing a script it’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with how to enter or leave scriptwriting mode, as described above.

Other Files
For PDF files, the header view allows you to navigate between the pages. Click on “spacewalk_info” in the Research folder to test this out, and then come back here by clicking on the “back” arrow in the header view."

Notice how you go from talking about Script Writing mode and the footer view to talking bout PDF files and the header view? I believe the paragraph entitled “Other Files” belongs in “Step 2: Header View”

Sorry, forgot to mention which version of Windows I am using. I am using Windows XP Professional (can’t remember how to find out the specifics, like which service pack, ect.) And this was in Scrivener Beta 1.5