Is there any way to have the script ware repeat character’s names during dialogue as opposed to writing them out every time.

For example:


How are you today, Sarah?

On other software all I have to do is type “J” and John’s name appears automatically. Does Scrivener have this option??


Format > Scriptwriting > Script settings > autocomplete tab

There are various options for automatically adding names for each element type, but it’ll pick up everything so you might end up with mis-typings and general strangeness. Or you can just add them in the list in that dialogue box.

When you’re writing, the autocomplete list pops up at the appropriate time, a la Final Draft etc.

I am on the Linux beta and when I go into setting there doesn’t appear to be an option that will compile a character list, location list and so on for auto complete. I hope I’m missing something because that feature really helps with the flow of writing dialog for me. I do have the option of typing in each character and otherwise but as I introduce new characters I will have to stop what I’m doing and go into settings if I want to get that character or location into autocomplete-land. Any help would be great. Thanks!