Script writing - requesting feature.

So far my experience with Scrivener is awesome. I’ve been looking for a program that has pretty much the exact features offered by Scrivener and when I found it and watched that ten minute feature description I had to try it. Needless to say I’m buying once my trial is up.

One thing I’ve noticed while working with a previously written script is that reformatting is tedious. A feature that would make this a lot nicer to do would be to add formatting into the “Find and Replace” feature whereby major recurring elements within the script can be reformatted leaving only minor things to be retouched. In my case names, locations, screen changes such as CUT TO and FADE IN and OUT would be things I would hit with the above mentioned feature addition.

Just an idea!

Thank you for this wonderful program, it is exactly what I need and I will continue to use it for a long time coming.

What script writing program do you use? If it’s Final Draft, then you are in luck. Scrivener 1.5 features Final Draft FCF import/export (the 1.5 beta can be downloaded from the Beta Testing forum).

2.0 also will also add the ability to update existing script documents whenever you change the formatting.

Thanks for your kind words!

All the best,

Before Scrivener I have never used a script writing program before. It’s always been just simple ideas jotted down in some bottom rung text program (note pad, text editor, etc.).

If it helps: the script I am editing was a pdf given to me by a group that is interested in making the script into reality. My job is editing it to fix mechanical and semantic problems.