Scripting Mode - Elements/Context Menu

Currently when in Scripting Mode hitting enter/return key in a script for a second time opens up a ‘context’ style menu that allows the selection of scripting elements. This makes it difficult to add multiple line breaks or carriage returns to the script. Be great from my point of view if this feature could be turned off in options and/or perhaps have a customisable keyboard shortcut attached.

I’m using Scrivener to write documentary scripts and find it an invaluable tool in our production company. There is nothing on the market comparable and nothing else flexible enough in my opinion to allow for the modern elasticity of documentary scripting. Thank you for all your fine work.

One of the nice things about Scrivener’s scriptwriting mode is that it is essentially an input method that sits on top of the main editor. It helps you keep the text you are composing formatted correctly, and aids in that via the various shortcuts and tab/return key approaches for selecting elements. However these are not features of the document itself—they are I say a way that you “communicate” with that document.

This method can be switched off as needed when breaking out of scriptwriting convention. Most often you might use that capability to interleave scriptwriting content with meta descriptions of it, perhaps in editing or analysis, but feel free to toggle it on and off as needed with the ⌘8 keyboard shortcut.

Given how formatting works, when you press the Return key, all formatting aspects will be carried into the next paragraph, meaning that even though you don’t see it while out of scriptwriting mode, when you turn it back on, because the formatting of the current paragraph still matches what is “Action” or whatever, the format of the script remains intact.

Glad to hear you’re finding Scrivener a valuable tool for your work!

Thanks for the information Amber. I didn’t realize that the formatting stayed in place with scripting mode off. I’m on PC with V of Scrivener so the hot key to switch scripting on and off is Ctrl + 4.

My desire to be able to switch off the context menu still remains though as this still adds too much overhead to the writing process. My needs are very specific as I’m working in scripting mode to create Audio Visual Scripts. This requires lots of line breaks to get Video and Audio to line up in columns. Since writing my previous post I’ve completely revamped the layout and created an in-house AV Template for use on our short form documentaries. I have also created a set of templates for breaking scripts down into shoot days. I will try to find the time to write up how we are using Scrivener in our work. Other documentary film makers would find it useful I think. There are currently no AV scripting tools on the market as far as I can find.