I want to do a script to email documents to my google files - scriv and anything else for that matter.

Where would be a good place to look on the net for one? Or examples of scripts to adapt? or just general tuition?

I know this isn’t quite ‘software by other folk’ by it’s the nearest I could find. And you’re all such nice, helpful people…

If you’re talking about AppleScripts, you can try

This sounds like a job for Mac OS X! Specifically, Automator + Folder Actions. It’s pretty easy to set up. You could conceivably make an Automator script that sends any selected Finder files (Folder Actions handle the selection process automatically), to a pre-selected email address. You might even find a sample Automator script online, as I imagine this sort of thing is a common task. Once everything is set up, you would have a special folder that you could save or drop files into, and the moment they enter the folder, the Automator script would run, sending the new files along.

You might also try searching through the scripts posted at

I don’t know how useful it would be, but you might also want to take a peek at Hazel.

Also, while trying to figure out where the heck Finder plugins are stored, I stumbled across this link, which looks like it might be just the thing:

Desktop Mailer tutorial