Scriptwriting ALL-CAPS elements are lossy.

I’m just evaluating, looks nice so far. One issue thought I’ve noticed is that the ScriptWriting ALL-CAPS elements seem to be lossy. By which I mean:

  • I have a script in Script Mode (BBC Radio Script Style)
  • I choose a para “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog” and run Cmd-Y T to turn it into a technical direction (“THE QUICK BROWN FOX…”)
  • I decide I want to change it back to general style.
  • The text is still “THE QUICK BROWN FOX…” and no longer “The quick brown fox…”

it seems as if the text isn’t merely marked up to display in ALL-CAPS, but that changing the scriptwriting element actually changes the capitalization.

(This seems like a bug to me, at least from the perspective of typical word-processor styles),


Well, that is just the thing, it isn’t typical word processor styles, but style guides that implement or enforce text entry. With Scrivener, what you see is really what you get. If you want to convert a range of text from one case formula to another, check out the Text/Convert menu.


Yes, it is indeed lossy. If you hit undo instead, that will revert things, but once changed to uppercaps, the text is in uppercaps. The trouble is that the Cocoa text system doesn’t have a way of just displaying uppercaps - it’s all or nothing, because the Cocoa text system doesn’t do styles. So, it’s not a bug, but it’s not perfect either.

All the best,