Scriptwriting and Generic "Styles"


I’ve just had a look at the scriptwriting features of Scriv. They come awfully close to providing a very simple “Styles” system (much like Word), defining paragraph layout, and what the following paragraph will be etc. I’m NOT a scriptwriter, but would like to be able to use these features to format my document in very slight ways (Indenting quotes etc). (I’m writing articles for professional journals). The problem at the moment is that it seems to assume that I want everything capitalize everything. Am I missing something here? Can I use it in the way I want?

If not, is there any chance that something will be coming in 2.0?


You can set up the different elements for the script format in Text > Scriptwriting > Script Settings. There’s a checkbox there that determines whether or not the particular element should be capitalised. So, you could set up your own script format (called “Journal Format” or something) and set all of the elements you want.

2.0 makes it easier to set certain styles without using the script formatting, yes - although it still doesn’t do “true” styles, in that if you update the formatting of a style, existing text doesn’t get updated with the new formatting (there are just too many documents that aren’t visible to the user that could be affected by such a change).

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If this is the only barrier, then I would not put too much weight on it. Those who know how to use styles expect all the documents with that style to change. On the other hand, perhaps the changes could only be applied on Compile.

These are just some random brainstorming thoughts. If, however, the above is not the main reason (and that it is a more technical, deeper problem), then forget I said anything.

That’s not the only snag, no - it would also require writing my own styles-tracking system, because the OS X text system doesn’t have one built in. That would be a lot of work in itself, but if I went ahead and did that, then there is also the problem that users would (understandably) expect style information to get exported and included in RTF and .doc files, which wouldn’t be possible without writing my own exporters/RTF parsers - and that would take years (literally).

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