Scriptwriting elements default to 'General Text' after sync with iOS version.

Just to start off: I’m using syncing using Dropbox between Windows version: Beta (1078037) 64-bit & my iPad app is up to date. I do most of my active writing on the iPad, and use the Windows version primarily for outlining and planning.

I’ve noticed that sometimes after syncing a screenwriting project from the iPad to the desktop, the elements menu in the bottom-right corner reads ‘General Text’ regardless of how the element appears in the script. The script maintains the correct formatting, and when I move back to iOS, everything’s fine. So I’m not losing anything. Compile (from the iPad to FDX) works perfectly. Keyboard shortcuts still work in the Windows Beta, but again, the element continues to show ‘General Text’ below. It completely breaks the tab/return functionality, again only in the Windows version.

It’s more of a minor inconvenience than anything, but I thought I’d let you know. Cheers.