Scriptwriting elements menu keyboard shortcuts

Yes, I know it is a little strange posting on the wish list of my own forum, but…

There has been some demand for keyboard shortcuts in the elements menu (found in the footer view) when in script writing text modes. I really want to provide this, as I think it is important for enhancing the usability of these modes. However, Scrivener already has so many keyboard shortcuts that I am finding it very difficult to find sensible ones that could go in that menu. Normally they would be cmd-1, cmd-2 etc, but these are already in use.

So… Does anybody have any sensible (and usable) suggestions for the keyboard shortcuts in that menu? You can suggest that other keyboard shortcuts get shuffled about if you wish, though try to bear in mind that there is a certain priority in that some things will be used by more users than others…

Many thanks in advance,

How about a single keyboard shortcut that simply pops that menu up? From there, it looks like most of the items start out with a unique first letter, and you can, as in most (all?) pop-up menus, type the first letter (or two) to jump down to it.

Also, adding Shift-Tab to the contextual mode shifting might be of use. I remember one post where somebody wanted a lot more action than dialogue, and that is one place with Shift-Tab could accomodate that.

I second the shift-tab request, if it’s not too much of a bother. I was playing around with screenwriting mode yesterday, and my fingers kept wanting to shift-tab. But TO NO AVAIL.

I could sit down and work out which mode shift-tab should go to, for every other mode—but it would take a sit.

This was my wish list item! I’ve already said numerous times that these modes are very basic, and that Scrivener is NEVER going to try to rival Final Draft or Montage. So, I’m really not interested right now in spending another couple of days putting a shift-tab option in what is already some pretty tricky code and already goes further than I had ever intended. Sorry to be blunt. :slight_smile:

So, could we please stay on-topic and suggest keyboard shortcuts? (Wow, that’s two times in one day I’ve acted like a mod - the power must be going to my head or something.)

Amber’s idea is pretty sound, but there seems to be some issue with pop-up menus whereby hitting the first letter works a few times, then can stop working until you hit up-down…


Eep! Sorry. I was just thinking that shift-tab would be a lot easier than coming up with nine new short-cuts – but obviously not.

Another problem with the first-letter thing is that it is kind of obscure. I bet most people would just use the arrow keys anyway. Is there any way to make single key taps menu specific? For example, you could assign the numbers 1-9 without command keys or any other modifiers. They would only work when that menu is up.

Hmm, or if you can put them in front as part of the visible label, they would serve as the “first-letter” thing – as long as you can keep the menu label separate from the actual mode name. It would look kind of silly to see…

[Tab] (4) Parenthetical, [Enter] (2) Action                   (5) Dialogue

…down in the footer.

Yes! Excellent - that is the perfect solution. It works - now I just need to find the code that will bring up the menu programmatically from a keyboard shortcut.


Keith, do you really need to bother with this? OS X’s own shortcut utility already works with the elements menu. A note in the documentation might be sufficient.

Not that I wouldn’t like it, but it seems like overkill to me.


I’ve had a couple of screenwriters who are excited about Scrivener ask about this, so given that it isn’t difficult actually to implement but only to think of the shortcuts, it seems worth doing, yes.
Glad it’s working for you, though.