Scriptwriting formatting issues

Hi all

New poster here (Hello!), searched around but couldn’t find anything similar to my issue.

I have recently been developing a script in Scriv using my Surface Pro 4, which in general is great, however when I try to either import a script or write one from scratch whether within my current project or a new one the formatting is completely off, as is the spacing between lines. See attached image. I have tried manually changing the spacing and parameters for each element, but this doesn’t change anything.

Any ideas?



This might be related to the very high resolution on relatively small displays issue that folks have experienced. To see what others’ experiences have been relative to this, search the forums (search field in upper right corner) on “surface pro” or “lenovo yoga”.

For a fix/workaround, see … i-displays

Hope that helps. Post back as to whether it works out or not.

I ran into similar issues and tinkered with font size and line spacing.
Do not recall details but it all came out in the wash.