Scriptwriting Formatting Lost in Upgrading to V2

When opening a play I created in Scrivener V1.x in the new Scrivener 2 the formatting changes to general text mode.

I can change each individual document back to the scriptwriting format I used originally and the file icon changes from white to yellow, indicating I’m now in scriptwriting mode for those documents.

And although I now have the scriptwriting elements back at bottom right as apposed to the ‘target’ icon, each document just uses the General Text (G) element.

I noticed that in the settings for my script mode, the setting for Character & Dialogue had changed slightly, meaning that all text would be written in uppercase, rather that just the character name up to the tab. I changed this back and was presented with a box stating that the settings would be mapped from the old to the new, which is fine, since I then expected that my documents would be back to normal.

Sadly, they are not.

It seems the only way I can get my scripts back to how they were is to manually go through every project I’m working on and change each line back to the element it was originally in before I upgraded.

Please tell me I’m not going to have to do this. I’ve spent all evening trying to work this through and I haven’t much hair left to tear out.

For the record, my script format is a custom one I created and have been using for ages now.

No there is no need to manually change every single element. As you surmise, the problem is that the format you were using in 1.x is slightly different than the format you are now using in 2.0, so the trick is to get that format into 2.0 and once you have it in place, the entire project will be recognised.

Here is another thread on the topic.