Scriptwriting in fullscreen mode is broken

Hi there,

For quite a few versions I am experiencing the following problem. Using shortcuts
tends to modify the last line which has been typed on. Please note that this happens only when I am in fullscreen mode. If I switch it off, all shortcuts work as desired.

Lately, I started to work a lot with fullscreen and this problem is a deal breaker,

Let me give some exact repro-steps:

  1. start in non full screen mode
  2. press ctrl + \ C
  3. Type in “NAME”
  4. press ctrl + \ D
  5. Type Hello scrivener
  6. use enter to create an empty line above Hello scrivener ctrl + \ p

Parenthetical is correctly created.

Now delete everything and enter full screen mode

Repeat exactly same steps to see that upon ctrl + \ p the line Hello scrivener gets converted into parenthetical.

Now you can see that if you (instead of ctrl + \ p) press ctrl + \ c, the text gets converted into uppercase and formatted as a character.

Like this, the fullscreen writing is unuseable and I am wondering if it’s something which can be fixed.

Thank you and best regards,

Edit: I am on version Windows 10 and Windows 7