Scriptwriting mode format issues and PDF output [BUG LOGGED]


Just trying out the scriptwriting mode and found a couple of ‘funnies’:

The formatting is a bit rough in that the right margin floats to the page width. It would be better if it conformed to the style and was fixed relating to the style type.

Tabbing doesn’t activate the correct style. In most other screenwriting apps the tab automatically activates the correct style (eg: one tab for characters, a back tab from there for parenthetical etc). Also most autodetect the scene heading / action line. eg if you start typing EXT in pos 1 the software knows that this is the start of a scene heading and throws up an autocomplete line. It is very distracting having to worry about setting the style each time you start a new paragraph…

The PDF generator from the screenwriting style is not creating the output file correctly - all the tab settings are out.

Aside from this the first view looks promising. I like the treeview and corkboard. It would be nice to have some more structuring features (see Power Structure for examples).