Scriv 1.0.1 small bugs

First congrats on a red letter day . Well done Lee!
Some small bugs. If installing 1.0.1 over beta 49, and using the internal updates method, Windows brings up its “Scrivener.exe has stopped working…” dialogue when the installation process closes the old Scrivener.
The manual seems to be missing from 1.0.1 and the help menu suggests I reinstall Scrivener to resolve it. Not sure this is correct. Suspect the manual is just missing till updated?

I would do a complete re-install. It was recommended that all beta testers wipe out the beta before installing 1.0 just to clear out any potential gremlins. See if that clears up these problems. I haven’t tried doing a 1.0.1 install from scratch yet; I ran the updater from 1.0.0, which only replaced a couple of files, so if a manual wasn’t included with 1.0.1 that’s news to me. You can grab it off of our support page, however.