Scriv 1.1 close window change?[FIXED]

When I click on the close window button, it now closes the program, instead of popping up the new file dialogue. Is this a change or a bug?

Technically, in Windows, closing the program from the top right “x” should close the program and not open up the New File dialogue. It doesn’t follow the Macintosh based program, but it was either working within typical Windows behaviour or mimicking a different program and prompting people to be confused.

I believe you can change it through the options in the “General” tab.

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Ah OK. The first version did pop up the new project window, and this one didn’t, so I didn’t know if it was working as intended or a legitimate bug.

Same thing happened to me, I honestly think somebody just changed the “default” behavior because when I went to check the options in 1.1 it wasn’t checked and other people’s comments lead me to believe that it used to be.

Yes this was changed as a default option.

How to enable/disable can be found here:

Basically go to Edit > Options > General tab: The second checkbox, if you have it checked will revert to the original mac style.

Basically it is UI differences between mac and Windows. Windows users typically are used to when they click close, it closes the whole application. Mac, you click close, it closes the active window, but not the application itself.