Scriv 1.5.2 Update Won't Install

Note that registered install of Scriv for Windows 1.2.5 runs perfectly on my Win XP base.

Beta versions and would install, but would NOT run. Returned error message:

“The application failed to initialize properly (0xc015002). Click OK to terminate the application.”

Various tricks of uninstall and reinstall of beta and registered versions of Scriv (including install of MS Visual C++ 2010) produced no joy. I uninstalled Ver. 1.2.5 thinking there might be conflicts, and reinstalled the Beta version(s) in a separate Beta folder. No joy.

Today, with all but still-perfectly functioning Ver. 1.2.5 removed from machine, I opened Ver. 1.2.5 and got update message. Have three times attempted to complete the update from 1.2.5 to 1.5.2 … with no success. Here is the error message received each time:

“Error trying to install file: destination ${installdir} resolved to an empty value.”


(edited to reflect correct update version number - gb)

This just means that the auto-updater couldn’t find the appropriate location for installing the update, probably from having installed multiple versions of Scrivener. Try just downloading the full installer from the site and then running that manually rather than using the auto-updater.

I’d actually wait a little on this, though, as we’re in the process of uploading an updated build to fix a bug that just cropped up in the 1.5.2 release.

Thanks to MM for the suggestion … it worked.

In short, I downloaded the full installer (which turned out to be the hot-fixed version, 1.5.3) and let it directly replace the contents of the version 1.2.5 folder. (I had also previously deleted any trace of Beta file/folder installs).

Ver 1.5.3 installed properly, and runs beautifully on this antique Compaq desktop machine.

(This is a big deal … being able to run Scrivener is a key determinant in which hardware/OS I run. If it won’t run Scrivener, I won’t have it.)

Again, the help is sincerely and warmly appreciated. :smiley: