Scriv 1 to Scriv 3

This has probably been answered, but I couldn’t find it. Can files from Scriv 1be updated directly into Scriv 3, or do you have to take the intermediate step of updating in Scriv 2? Thanks in advance.

It’s worth trying (worst case if it doesn’t work well, it will of course as always create a backup of the original). V3 does have a v1 importer built into it, and in my basic testing it handles keywords, synopsis, titles and structure. Outside of that support is a bit patchy. Labels and status will be largely lost, as well references. If you find the result isn’t acceptable, routing through a copy of the v2 demo should suffice to carry over just about every feature that can be.

Great, thanks. I’m leaving my very capable 2014 Air for one of the new M1 Macbook Pros, and I have some old Scriv1 files hanging around. I will run them through my copy of 2 before I do the transfer.
For what it’s worth, I love my old Air. With one battery change, it works just fine. I was seduced by the (slightly) greater real estate on the 13" screen. I am also looking forward to a brighter, clearer interface for my tired old eyes. Longer battery life, faster wifi…
And now I will upgrade to Scriv 3! What fun.