Scriv 2.0 document templates

I was re-reading the blog post about 2.0 and I noticed something in the screen shots under Documen Templates and Custom Icons.

It looks to me like to use a document template, you start at the Project menu. That seems confusing to me. How do you create a new project from a template if “Project->New from Template” is for individual documents within a project?

File > New Project, the same as always.

It would really help if everyone waited to start using Scrivener 2.0 before criticising it. :slight_smile:

This is a total guess, but the actual project templates (as in, starting a new project) may just work the same as now: you pick your template when you create the new project, so it all happens before you actually get to this screen. In 1.x you can’t change your project template once you’ve created the project, so it’s not a menu item. It makes sense to me anyway that it’d be the same in 2.0–once the project exists, how would Scrivener know what to do with changes you’ve made (new documents, added keywords, whatever) if you decided to try and switch the template?

Just babbling, though. Supposed to be outlining and figuring out the “so what actually happens here” bits. Haaaa… :slight_smile:

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To be clear, I was stating MY confusion*, not making a statement about Scrivener’s design. But your point is well made, since I don’t know how you’ve rearranged the rest of the menu. And since you’ve moved the “New Text” and “New Folder” from their current place under “Documents”, I’m sure my confusion will be short-lived as I explore whatever will be under that menu heading.

I’ll reserve my criticism of 2.0 until at least the day after I download it. I promise. :stuck_out_tongue:

  • however poorly I wrote the first post, that was my intention.

The menus have all been rejigged. Scrivener 1.x’s menus are cluttered and half of them span the height of the screen. :slight_smile: Things are now more naturally-flowing. The File menu is for writing or reading from file, the Edit and View menus are self-explanatory, then you have the Project menu that has commands for managing the current project - creating/deleting new documents inside it, setting up meta-data and so on, the Documents menu for managing individual documents within the project, and the Format menu for formatting the text inside a document. This is how Apple recommend menus work in their Human Interface Guidelines - custom application menus go between the View and Window menus (yeah, Apple break their own guidelines with iWork etc by placing the Window and View menu next to each other), and the menus should go from macro to micro, left to right. Project > New From Template allows you to create document templates. Nothing to do with project templates. You can now create template documents with a project - character sheets or whatever, whatever you want.

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What? We are allowed to take breaks now?
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I’m afraid I have to question your use of “rejigged”. I believe that the correct word is “rejiggered”.

Granted, as a “sweet tea runs in my veins right next to the southern comfort just below the JD” southerner, I may have an advantage in the use of vernacular redneckian though.

Just a lazy thought after looking over some of the requests and refreshing a couple of Templates for the new version after it is released. It occurred to me that maybe a useful categorisation for the template list - with or without entries - might be the universally recognised Dewey System. … al_classes

Of course I am not suggesting for a minute that ALL the headers be incorporated, but some of the categories might be useful - ie a PhD and Masters by Research Template could go in an EDUCATION category (370 in SOCIAL SCIENCES). A template for pastors developing sermons could go in a RELIGION category - and so on. The Dewey system would help to organise the categories and everybody understands it.

If the main headers were there - even as empty placeholders - then any fresh templates could be properly located in the correct category when they are posted. It would also be an enabler for Scrivener users who are developing their own personal templates.

Well, it is clean and simple and so easy to adopt.

It says something about just how versatile Scrivener is - that it can easily accommodate most, if not all of the Dewey System. Right On!

Just a thought. Hope it helps.