Scriv 2 cache file identified as malware

Is it likely to be a false positive that Thor antivirus for the Mac has identified a library/caches/literature&latte/scriv2/fscacheddata?

The file name is followed by a long serial number, which I cannot get to display on the screenshot. scriv malware.png

It almost certainly is a false positive, yes, but it’s safe to delete that file anyway. Scrivener’s code doesn’t put (or rely on) anything in the Caches folder - anything Scrivener-related in there must have been created by the various frameworks Scrivener uses rather than by Scrivener’s core code. So, for instance, some of Apple’s frameworks automatically create cache files for programs. It’s highly unlikely that anything malicious would have created a nasty file in one of Scrivener’s cache folders, since macOS automatically generates those cache folders from identifiers related to specific apps, but deleting the file won’t hurt.

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Thank you. Still skittish about deleting since I have reached the final day of my first draft of 100,000 words. It figures something like this would show up on the final day of writing.

Before I delete, is there a chance this file is needed for synching?

No, it’s not used by Scrivener’s code at all, and system-generated cache files are almost always safe to delete anyway. They are there for convenience to speed up access to things already accessed and can always be regenerated. The best way to test is simply to move the file to a different folder, then try running Scrivener as normal, syncing and so on - you should see that it all works fine even without that file in place. You can then delete the file. Of course, the system might end up recreating the file anyway.