Scriv 3 Beta - Download over and over?

I have put off messing with Scriv 3 for a long time, but decided to jump in. I noticed the expiration date for the current build and wondered if I’m going to have to continually download new installs. If so, will the website allow that? Also, does the new install see previous paths to the save folder or does that have to be done from scratch every iteration?

I’ve installed a few beta updates now…it finds the previous files, I just install to it’s default choice for install folders.

But I’m having trouble finding the beta since the last one expired 10 days ago.

Beta links are always posted in the same place, the announcement thread at the top of the Windows Beta forum. The links are included in the post with the general guidelines for working with the beta, as well as an updated change list with each beta release.

Jennifer, I had a look and you at Scrivener seem to be using phpBB, which has an extension which could reduce confusion and surprise here, by updating the Posting Date to a current date – after you update the Post with new releases.

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To summarize comments about it, it appears to be working well with recent versions of phpBB…you’ll understand why I note this.