Scriv 3 beta runs super slow

I figured this was just an issue with initial betas, but the program has continued to be very slow even after several new beta versions. I’ve run it on a regular laptop and a well equipped gaming desktop with the same results, so hardware certainly isn’t the issue. This wouldn’t bug me as the project is truly massive except this same project ran perfectly fine on my old Macbook.

Might help if you listed your actual PC specs and gave some details of your project (how many files, what kind of structure, is at an old I.9 project you have converted, or a brand new one, etc.?)

I have no connection to L&L but I find the beta flies along pretty well on my pc (2-year old Core i7, 16gb ram, fast SSD, Nvidia RTX 2070 card); it’s much slower on my 4-year old old laptop, but perfectly useable,

I run beta17 on a 10-year-old Dell Studio 15 with 8 gigs of RAM and a 500gb SSD with no problems. I run Malwarebytes, Win Defender and Winpatrol as my antivirus programs, and Winscribe’s VPN. Perhaps you should try shutting down your off-brand antivirus briefly to see if that’s the problem.

Is the file on your local drive or Internet or Network or USB?
Is it on an SSD?
What is slow?

  • If you are in a document, is it slow to type?
  • Is it slow to load an outline?
  • Is it slow to load the document?
    – If slow to load the document, then what is the first screen you are on. For example, if you are in a particular document, it could be fast, but if you are in the root, it’ll need to load the binder. If you are in the root in the outline mode and have lots of documents at the next level to show in the outline mode, then it is often slow.

What exactly is it you are asking Scrivener to do?

Is there anything that is fast?
Is there anything that is not slow?

i7 3.70GHz, 16gb ram, solid state SSD, Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1080. Can’t remember the exact speed of the RAM or the SSD but they’re enough to run populated MMOs smoothly.

My Macbook with 4gb of ram, i5 1.3GHz processor ran this project perfectly. It’s a file converted from Scriv 2 on Macbook to a Scriv 3 file. This might be the issue, I don’t know. I think I looked up if I could open the Mac Scriv 3 file on Win and given I did it I’m assuming the answer was yes.

The file is 233MB and contains roughly 440,000 words, but I don’t know how many files or how to find out how many files.

Malwarebytes and Win Defender here as well.

Scrivener is on an SSD, the project is on Dropbox (exactly the same way I had it on my Mac).

Everything is slow. It’s slow from the moment I click the icon to the moment it’s shut down after doing a backup.

What I am asking Scrivener to do is to work close to as seamlessly and quickly as it did on my Macbook with the same exact file configuration, since I’m using it on comparable hardware on my Win laptop, and my Win desktop.

Likely not hardware.

  1. Dropbox sync should be turned OFF while editing.

  2. Read this thread about flat organization: [url]Speed with lots of documents]. Divide your project into chapters, even artificial ones, and Scriv will work faster.

  3. Reduce your document size. It gets slow at some limit, which depends on hardware. On my machine, it’s about 10k words per document.

  4. And, frankly, the conversion process in Scrivener isn’t as clean as it should be. Some conversions create files the Beta does not like. So whenever I convert a file, I copy its contents to a new project created in the Beta. This removes most of the issues the conversion can create (which include slow response times).

Hope that helps.

I’ll give it a shot. Thanks. Will report back.

Alright, I’ve done basically everything at this point to eliminate this, and it’s still slow. Something as simple as trying to make even a new small project windowed and then full screen actually causes Scrivener to “not respond” for a few seconds. Confused. I just installed the new beta too. :confused: