scriv 3 change one compile setting (Mac)

Currently, I compile all the scenes and chapter headers (in fact, everything) that are NOT checked. I want to make a change, to compile everything I HAVE checked. How do I do this? (I do not care whether this is a global change or a project change).

I’ve gone batty trying to find an answer by browsing the web. Please help.

By the way, if there is a MAC shortcut for inverting all checkmarks (both checked to unchecked and unchecked to checked), I would like to know that, too.

Thanks much in advance.

There is usually not a need to physical invert the checkboxes. The idea is that those be used for more static adjustments rather than something you’d change periodically. Toward that end, there is a three-way toggle in the Filter settings (the “funnel” icon to the right of where you select the main compile group). If you only want to compile documents ordinarily excluded, you can do so. You can also have the checkbox entirely ignored and compile everything.

Not quite inversion, in the sense that all checkboxes switch to their opposite state individually—but it is a fairly common convention to make it so related checkboxes can be toggled in one direction with an Option-click one on of them. With Scrivener this is extended to use selection as well. So you can select five items and Opt-click on one of the unset boxes to set all five, ignore the rest of the boxes in the list.

But like I say, the filter options are probably better for what you want here.

Thanks for your help, I found the “funnel” icon after clicking “compile” on the next screen, beside the word “compile”.

This lovely icon reinforces my feeling that there is hardly any such thing as an “icon whose meaning is obvious.”