Scriv 3 Error Message: "Project structure modifications aren't in sync"

So I’m slowly (and carefully) converting projects from Sciv 1 to Scriv 3, and the little projects are going okay, but I ran into this on a big one:

“Project structure modifications of “[my file]” aren’t in sync, possibly because of conflicts caused by storing the project on a cloud service. Please, choose which version of the binder structure to use.”

Followed by a table that has the name of the project, an older backup of that same project (that I stuck in the same desktop file), the last modified date, and “Binder Count,” which I’m assuming is the total number of text documents in each project.

Is it asking me to chose which of the projects to convert?

Below this table is another panel that shows all the folders and sub-documents in each project - but only the folders are checked, none of the sub-docs.

I don’t really use an off-site backup, but I started the project in a Short Story template, though it quickly grew and became a three-novel series…and I never moved it over into a novel template. I dunno if that might be part of the problem or not.

Other than this I really like Scriv 3 so far!

I’d have to see the message and a screenshot of the project contents to be sure, but I suspect it’s asking you to choose which Binder index (XML) file to use. Sometimes it doesn’t matter. Usually I choose the more recent one.

It doesn’t matter what template you started with.

What do you mean by:

If by desktop file you mean the projectname.scriv, there’s your problem. You should never put anything in a .scriv folder!



That’s about what I figured, Mark. Thank you. :smiley:

I pulled the (quite old) backup out and the main project opened just fine.

I think it’s funny that it never bothered Scriv 1 to have them both in there, but that Scriv 3 got confused by it. (NOT a slam on Scriv 3. The differences just… amuse me! :laughing: )

Because Scrivener 3 was built with cross-platform synchronization – and the associated error risks – in mind, it spends more effort making sure the Binder matches the actual project contents.


Makes sense!

I’ve played around with it for a couple days now, and I can already tell it’s an EXTREMELY versatile program - even more so than Scriv 1 (and Scriv 1 was already the most versatile I’ve ever seen!). You guys did a FANTASTIC job!