Scriv 3 Not Installing: "called Tcl_Close on channel..."

Just upgraded to Scrivener 3 Windows; trying to install it in a 32 bit Wine prefix which is already running Scrivener 1 and which has .NET 4.7.2 installed. I get the error message, “called Tcl_Close on channel with refCount >0” every time that I try to install the package using the WineTricks uninstaller. Suggestions?

Edit To Add: Wine version is 6.8

Finally got it installed and registered. The key to this error is that the .exe file which Literature & Latte supplies does not work and play well with the Winetricks installer/uninstaller. Here’s what finally worked:

  1. Prepare a clean 32-bit Wine prefix.
  2. Install the prerequisites: Core fonts, dotnet 4.6.2 or higher, SpeechSDK 5.1
  3. Download the Scrivener-installer-x86.exe (32-bit) installer file.
  4. Using the command line from a terminal window opened in the folder where the file is placed (I prefer the C:/ drive of the Wine prefix), execute the command

WINEPREFIX=.[path_to_your_32_bit_Wineprefix] wine Scrivener-installer-x86.exe

Scrivener 3 should then install normally and you should be able to register it properly with a valid serial number and email address. Results obtained with WINE 6.10 running on Ubuntu Studio 20.04 LTS.