Scriv 3 not opening files

It’s been a few weeks since I opened scrivener

I have 3, and am running it on Catalina.

It previously worked fine.

Now when I try to open a file I get a message saying ‘The document “document name” could not be opened.’

I’ve tried files that are older and files that are new to this version and post OS update

Help, where are my words?

Note - I’ve also tried starting a new document. I get the same message

Make sure you have Scrivener 3.1.4, our Catalina-compatibility update.

Are you opening the project directly from Finder, or using Scrivener’s Recent Projects menu? The Recent Projects menu is managed by Mac OS, so it’s frequently unreliable after major updates.


I do have 3.1.4
I tend to open from Scrivener’s recent projects menu, but have tried both routes

actually I think it may be an issue with my Mac - I can’t open any files - sorry