Scriv crashed and won't reload

Scrivener has worked faultlessly for me since beta whatever.
I’ve been using the latest version with no trouble on iBook G4 OS 10.4.11
Today, I thought I’d check to see if there had been any version updates, and so clicked the option under “Scrivener”. There were no updates, so nothing more happened there.

Half an hour later, I decided to reboot the computer - as it was running a bit slowly.

Now Scrivener won’t load. I am taken through the application crash/reopen/try again loop, and can sometimes get as far as getting the app to load, but it crashes as soon as I try to load my project (which was working perfectly before).

I’ve rebooted the computer again.
I’ve downloaded and reinstalled Scrivener again.
I’ve deleted the old version, and the preferences.

Any other ideas?

Am having a little panic here.

Bad font?

Someone recently posted describing something similar. Here is the thread. Does this sound possible? Do your errors match those posted? (Open console on your Mac and then try to open Scrivener and see which errors are thrown. KB will probably want that info regardless.)


Hi Leigh,

Try downloading the latest beta from the Beta Testing thread (1.5 beta 6). There used to be a memory management problem which meant that if Scrivener hadn’t been closed properly (possible if you rebooted), when trying to re-sync certain things on reopening a large project it would run out of memory and freeze. This should be fixed in the latest beta, so if you try that, hopefully you can get up and running again. Let me know either way.

All the best,

Thanks Keith, and Apollo,
My symptoms are very similar to the font/rendering crash described on the thread you gave me, Apollo, but I can’t imagine how that can be the problem. Nothing had changed. Nothing. One minute it was working, and the next it was not.

Keith, I remember now why I rebooted the computer: it was because some of the Scrivener options were greyed out. Highlighter button, for example, wouldn’t work (i.e. clicking on it did nothing), although the keyboard shortcuts for highlighter worked perfectly. The same with new file/folder (in the binder) buttons/shortcuts.

The only thing I did that was unusual was check for updates.

I’ve used Scrivener every day since Scrivener Gold and it’s never given me more than the tiniest blip, and then not for ages. I certainly not had any problems with the full-release version.

I have managed to create a new project, and import all the work from the old one. This has been working fine - totally stable - for 24h. I guess the old project had become corrupted and was causing the crash. But why?

Other programmes have been running fine too.

Hi, could you zip up the corrupted project and send it to support AT literatureandlatte DOT com? I’ll take a look.

Don’t worry about this for now, Keith (unless you want to). My new project - with the old one imported - is working fine, and is completely stable. Nothing has been lost. I guess the old one became corrupted, perhaps by the update check? I hadn’t restarted the computer for an age either, so perhaps that had something to do with it.

If you really want the old project, I’m happy to send it, but I don’t need you to investigate the problem on my account. Everything’s working fine.

Thanks for your quick response though. Scriv is essential to me now, and I was having trouble breathing at the thought of what I would do without it.


Here is another case of a font going funky.

Read further down the list to the part about font caches. Even if this isn’t/wasn’t your problem, it is good to know. Fonts can become corrupt while you are working on a project if you are pasting in from external sources.