Scriv doesn't show images imported in RTF saved from Word

My word file was saved as RTF with screenshot image inserted of a small spreadsheet. But when rtf file imported, Scrivener doesn’t show the image. I had to insert the image directly to Scriv file. One of L&L videos says images in RTF are retained when imported to Scriv. Using Snow Leopard on Macbook Pro.

I’d check to make sure it is actually an embedded image in Word, and not an OLE object. In my experience it should be working quite well with RTF. I just ran a test with an .rtf saved from Word 2010 with an embedded PNG file, and another test with a .docx using the new beta importer, and both results were roughly identical to Word, and exactly identical with each other (you’ll not be able to achieve that with the 2.2 version of Scrivener, you’ll need to use the public beta version to import .docx straight with good quality).

If you can test in another word processor to verify the image is coming out of Word okay, that would be good. LibreOffice, Nisus Writer Pro and Mellel would all work well for such a test.

Amber, Thanks for your reply. My Mac Word 2011 file includes 4 jpeg images of spreadsheet tables which I then saved as RTF. Then imported RTF to Scriv. The 4 jpeg spreadsheet images now show in Scriv. To test if jpeg images would show, I compiled original to pdf. jpeg images show.

How do I get the public beta version so I can import directly from .docx with good quality? I find the save to RTF process very cumbersome. My reports include many images of spreadsheet tables that need to be preserved during import and compilation. Thanks George

The beta is located here. You can either run that alongside your stable version or completely replace it, either way is safe (I run it in parallel with stable). To activate the new import/export engine, visit the Preferences Import/Export tab, and click the “Set Up Improved MS Word and OpenOffice Converters…” button. The new system is a little slower, but the quality is great, so if you’ve got a lot of .docx files that will ultimately save you a lot of time.

The beta is slower but better. Thanks

Amber, Could you provide links on how to show Table of Contents in Mac Word 2011 file, import to Scriv, then compile from Scriv to Mac Word 2011? I read that questions marks will appear in place of page numbers which have to be corrected by running print in Word. Thanks George

I’m not sure if there are any links to that. The manual states what you just relayed, that you need to run print preview once to get the pagination correctly linked up with bookmarks and then it should be good. Are you finding that to not be the case?


  1. Table of Contents - I don’t understand the sequence to follow to do TOC. When do I run TOC? How do I do the TOC in Scrivener before compiling to word?

  2. How do I get the beta to co-exist with regular Scriv? I thought I locked the beta to the dock yesterday. When I restarted Macbook Pro this morning, Scriv was gone from dock. When I opened Scriv from Applications, all I got was the regular Scriv. I don’t know what happened to beta. Do I need to re-install beta? George

Oh sorry, I misunderstood and thought you already had that inserted. If you are looking for general information on how to construct a ToC within Scrivener (for use in Word and other processors that can use bookmark page references), then check out Chapter 22 in the user manual, pg. 297.

As for the beta, I’m not sure. I’d try using Spotlight to search for “Scrivener” and see what comes up. You can Cmd-click on search results to locate them in Finder.