Scriv/Dragon Text to speech/Highlight line???

I use Dragon NaturallySpeaking with Scrivener and came upon an interesting thing this morning. Using voice command-
press alt shift q Dragon started reading the text from the cursor position. As it moved down through the paragraph the highlight line moved with it, which in and of itself is great. But additionally, it started pulling text from above into the line that was being read. Obviously this is not something that I wanted. I stopped the text to speech and undid the inserting of the miscellaneous text until I got it back to what I had written.

Part of this is what I had requested couple of months ago, I. E. Moved the highlight line with the spoken text but not inserting the gobbledygook that it did this morning.

I am just curious if anyone else can duplicate this and also if this is a Scrivener bug or a Dragon delayed command of some sort.

By the way, when I use the keyboard to issue the Alt Shift Q command to start the text to speech, the highlight line stayed on the first line of the, the speech portion worked fine and none of the texts was jumbled up.

My dragon professional personal 15 does not read in Scrivener Beta (594259) 64-bit.
BTW, can you also edit/correct text using dragon in Scrivener?

Sorry, I guess I should have specified. I am reading the text using Scrivener text to speech. It is under EDIT/SPEECH/START SPEAKING.

If you are using the speech to text function within Scrivener, you are not using Dragon. Instead, it pulls from the operating system. You have to open Dragon separately.