Scriv & DTP: problems when working with Document Notes

I followed someone’s advise here in the forum and used the note field as a third panel.

Since I’m currently writing an article that includes several images, I imported them to a research folder and wrote the title and comments to each image in the document notes’ field. That allowed me three working panels: 1) layout for article text, 2) layout for image, 3) note field of image to title and comments. (See att file.)

Then, I had two (not so good) surprises:

  1. changing the default note font in preferences and then apply won’t change the notes already done or the notes to be done on pre-existing texts (I had to change those one by one). Alas the convert formating is not allowed in notes either.

  2. When exporting the notes, there’s no way to merge them (like you can do with draft documents). They are exported as individual rtfd. (By the way, I tried to export them in .txt or .rtf and it didn’t work, they always exported as rtfd – is this a bug?)

So there I was stuck to the idea of copy/past all my research image notes into a text document! :frowning: However, I remebered that DEVONThinkPro merges .rtf or .txt files. I imported to DTP all the exported Scr. (.rtfd) files and then merged them. Voilá! A bit of a work around, but it did work. :slight_smile:

Does anyone knows if this can be done some other way?

Keith – is the above mentioned bug, a bug? Is there a way to merge notes taken in research/image documents?

– MJ

You could split your document at the point where a figure is supposed to be, and then place the appropriate Figure document in between the two split documents. Then, since your captions are in the document-notes area of the Figure docs, when you export, be sure to indicate that you want Notes included inthe export. You may need to do some carriage return touch up, but seems like this should produce something like what you are looking for.

I don’t actually work with images, but it’s a good theory… 8)


P.S. I am sure you have a good reason for not wanting to put the images and captions right in your text, but I don’t know what that good reason is, so I can’t really gauge the value of the above suggestion.

Actually the images are not (for me) to include into the doc. The editor will do that. Thanks for the tip, though.

– MJ

It sounds to me like you are doing an Export Files, when what you want to be doing is Export Draft. (Though if you are keeping your notes documents outside the Draft container they will not be included.)