Scriv file incompatible?

Hi, I’ve been using Scrivener to write my novel for almost a month now. I’ve been using the same version of the program since day one and have never updated it, so it’s still at 0.0.46. It always opens fine, never had any issues, until this morning.

I go to open my project and it gives me this error message:

I tried to open just the program and open the project from in there but no dice.

I know I can go into the docs folder and find my work in there so I know not all is lost, but it’s a really big project and it would be a lot of work to move everything to a new Scrivener project and reorganize it, so I’m hoping this can be saved.

Any ideas?

Try the tip located here:


THANK YOU SO MUCH!! Oh wow, I have happy tears instead of sad ones, so thank you! I can continue my writing happily~ <3

You’re welcome! This is a most obnoxious bug. In part because it is perfectly harmless, but it appears to be absolutely dire if you get it without knowing what’s up!