Scriv File Look "Empty" in Yosemite/Scrivener 2.6

I’m having a very strange bug. I upgraded to Yosemite and am running Scrivener 2.6. Here’s what happens:

  1. Open Scrivener. I get: Loading ItalianAdventure.scriv

  2. No window showing up.

  3. I then go to Recent Projects or Open and I get this:

When I open a copy from one of my backup file, or open another scriv file, it shows up just fine. But, I can’t close the window of the “blank” file, either clicking on the red dot or Command-W.

So from the last line, I understand the program is working fine for other projects, including older backups, but it’s just this one project that is having difficulties? In that case, to me that looks like the visual settings for the project are messed up. First, make sure all of your other projects are closed, if you can, then force quit Scrivener. Now before starting it again, follow these steps:

  1. Locate the ItalianAdventure.scriv project in Finder, right click on it, and select Show Package Contents.
  2. In the new window, navigate into the Settings folder.
  3. Drag the ‘ui.plist’ file to the Desktop or somewhere convenient (if this doesn’t work, you can drag it back in—no need to lose your settings if you don’t need to).

Okay, now close that window and double-click on the project to load it. Hopefully all goes well and you can see the Binder again, click on anything in the list to load something. You’ll have to set up your columns, split views and other such view settings again.

That worked . . . thanks!