.scriv file vanished; Time Machine & Spotlight can't see

Have been working in Scrivener for a month on a book project and was loving it. Today, mysteriously, the file has completely disappeared and I am at a loss as to why.

I do hourly backups in Time Machine, so I went there to locate the file and it’s not finding anything ending in .scriv nor can I locate the ui.xml file or any of the rtfd files that I know were in the .scriv folder. Even going as far back as two weeks ago! (Can’t even find the tutorial .scriv file which I can still access from the software).

It isn’t possible that I worked for a month on a figment of my imagination! The file has to be here somewhere.

So… I tried a test on another laptop, created a new project and did some spotlight searches for the files inside the .scriv folder and Spotlight isn’t finding the files.

I am stumped as to why this is and I am wondering if it could be related to Time Machine not seeing the .scriv either.

Any ideas out there?

Machine: MacBook Pro, OS X 10.5.5, Scrivener 1.11
User: Professional Tech - not generally a dufus

Thank you in advance.

As it sounds like you are aware, TimeMachine uses the Spotlight engine to find stuff, so if the Spotlight engine is not functioning correctly, TimeMachine will suffer. Spotlight should have no problems locating .scriv files (though it probably will not index internal plists and XML, but I could be wrong on that score, but I’ve never seen bundle internals pop up in a search before). A search for .scriv on my machine produces dozens of project hits in “Documents”.

First, a “are you sure its plugged in?” question: Check the Privacy tab in Spotlight settings and make sure the volumes and folders you wish to have indexed are not excluded. Time Machine has an exclusion set too, but since this problem is in both systems; it is probably Spotlight that is the culprit.

Second thing I’d do is rebuild your Spotlight index with Onyx (or similar tool); and perhaps do a system and user level cache flush while you are at it. It will take a while to do a full rebuild; Activity Monitor will let you see the daemon processes working on the index.

I find that spotlight sometimes has trouble “seeing” files, epsecially new ones, (indexing issues?)

I tend to also use EasyFind as it works like the old Find FIle in OS9 and literally searches for Direcotry names/Files names manually instead of searching an “index”.
devon-technologies.com/produ … index.html

Good tip. I’ve always just used Path Finder’s crawler, as it has a switch where you can hard disk crawls or Spotlight for searching. But Path Finder costs, so this is a good alternative.