.scriv files broken into .rtf/txt - help

Hi, recently, either after updating to OSX Sierra or compiling a Scrivener file to pdf to print (they were around the same day and the only major things that have changed recently on my mac) all the dozens/hundreds of little contained files (txt, rtf) from all the my scrivener (.scriv) files are showing individually in the Finder, with names for all the chapters and synopses like 98.rtf and 188.synopsis.txt. Any idea how to make that go away again back into just the main named scrivener files rather than clogging the interface?

This is very odd behavior. If you back out of the Docs folder (where the .rtf files are stored) and then out of the Files folder that contains Docs, do you see a file named for your project? If you can see filename extensions, it ends in “.scrivx”. Try double-clicking on that (it’s how Windows users interact with Scrivener projects, so maybe it’ll work on Macs).

FYI, a project is actually a collection of these files and folders, but it’s usually hidden from users (unless you right-click and choose “show package contents” in the Finder). It’s odd that you’re seeing the inner workings of a Scrivener project without trying to do so deliberately.

Can you open recent projects from Scrivener’s “File->Recent” menu?

Here’s another thought: You aren’t using the iCloud feature for Sierra that uploads your Desktop and Documents folders, and then deletes local copies to save space, are you? That might make projects look odd, and might mess them up badly (iCloud can’t handle Scrivener’s file formats).

Also, when you mention numbered files clogging the interface, to which window in Finder are you referring, a Spotlight window? If so I’d Cmd-click on a search result to reveal its position, does it come from a valid Scrivener project folder, one ending in “.scriv” that appears like a file in Finder—or are they regular folders? My thinking is that perhaps some file extensions were changed, which would cause these package style files to be revealed as the literal folders and files they are, which in turn would cease to be protected from the Spotlight search engine—and flood views which depend upon Spotlight for assembling content, so long as the criteria matches the search.

To answer all the questions:

The .scriv files are there in finder and work like usual when I click on them, but the individual pieces are showing to, which is new, rather than them all being hidden in the .scriv umbrella file/folder.

They are displayed in the ‘all my files’ tab in the finder window.

When I click through to reveal where they are from they are in a file called ‘docs’ which looks to be within the main scrivener file/folder. I’ve not changed any file extensions. Changed the file name on of them though.

I can’t see any files at all in the recently opened in scrivener itself. Is that relevant?

I haven’t got them saved in iCloud but I have got them in dropbox. Will that have the same effect?

Turns out there are also preview.html and index.xml and thumb.pgn files floating about too.

The “All My Files” view in Finder will always show the internal files within a Scrivener project. This is unhelpful, but normal. The best choice is to ignore them or use a different view.

DO NOT edit or rename these component files directly, or using any mechanism other than Scrivener itself. Doing so is very likely to corrupt your project.


Dropbox is fine; iCloud is problematic, as is Google Drive and whatever Microsoft’s folder sync tech is called these days.