Scriv files from mac to pc and back

Hi there,

I own and adore the mac 2.0 version on my macbook pro. I’m pondering using the PC beta due to the amount of research I have to do on my thesis and the ability of my PC to use two large displays. My mac can only drive one additional display and the 15" default just isn’t helping for large journal files I need to source from. So my questions are:

  1. Is there a way to import my mac’s *.scriv files between platforms? I tried bringing some over on a thumb drive and was told by the PC software that it was incompatible…

  2. Is there something that will prevent me from using a document I create in Scrivener on PC right now in future versions of Scrivener for PC or mac? (Silly question, probably, but I need to know for sure.)


From what I’ve heard, Scriv for mac and pc are meant to be completely compatible. As in even the user interface is similar. You shouldn’t have a problem copying *.scriv folders as long as you copy the entire folder and don’t mess with anything inside it.

As for your second question, I don’t think so. Like I said above, Scriv is meant to be completely compatible between mac and pc.

Well, I’m not sure how to delete my own post, but… from other posts it appears that I need to resave my files into 2.0 format or something.

In the meantime, I think I’ve found an alternative:
I decided to go ahead and buy a 27" imac for Scrivener, my thesis, and World of Warcraft – in that order, truly! It should arrive Wednesday! :smiley:

Just to add for the wandering Windows person who might be thinking about buying Scrivener:

I’m a journalism grad student and I think Scrivener is a wonderful product. Scrivener just fits in perfectly with how I process information and write. It allows me to save anything I find on the web for future reference, and consistently makes my life easier. I use Scrivener for organizing my ideas (and life!), note-taking in my classes, writing articles, blogging, small and big papers, my thesis and my research. It’s like an operating system for writers – you really can’t go wrong with this program.

Admins, since this is pretty much resolved, please feel free to zap my post, but I really do love you guys. Thank you guys for making this software – I’m excited to see what happens on the windows side but I could not be more pleased with the mac side. Have a fantastic day! :slight_smile:

Oh thanks, Ready, I think we simultaneously posted or my browser didn’t update quickly. I had copied my Documents folder on my mac directly to a thumb drive with everything intact. Even a small 4kb file wouldn’t read on my pc for some reason. I’ll give it another shot, just for the sake of doing it. :slight_smile:

Just to update, I found my error in loading the file. The mac leaves files called “._filename.scriv” in the respective directory. I was attempting to load that one, but it is not the correct file. Instead, loading the filename.scrivx xml file in the “filename” folder did the trick. I think I saw the “._filename.scriv” files because I have hidden files set to be shown inside of XP. My work does show up on the Windows side!

Yes, on Macs a Scrivener project looks like a single file, “projectname”.scriv, and that’s all you have to double-click to open the project. On Windows, the projects appear as normal folders with a “.scriv” extension, and you need to open that folder and then double-click the .scrivx inside. Projects moved from a Mac will have the .scrivx titled with the project name and projects created on Windows will just say “project.scrivx” but they’ll work either way on each machine. When moving back from Windows to Mac, make sure you copy the entire folder, not just the .scrivx file–once it’s on the Mac, it’ll appear as the single .scriv file you’ve been used to.

As far as updating projects, that won’t be necessary in your case because you’re already on 2.0 on the Mac, so all your projects are the right format. 2.0 uses a different format from 1.x on the Mac–in large part so as to be compatibile with Windows–so users who have 1.x projects still need to upgrade those to 2.0 before they’ll be compatibile with Windows. That upgrade is just to open the projects in the 2.x version on the Mac, which will automatically update them to the new format–if you had 1.x prior to buying 2.0, then you’ll have done this with your earlier projects already, so again, there’s nothing you’ll need to do now.