Scriv in another language

Well Keith, about to make this Mac run in Spanish (after finishing my outline in Dramatica for the novelette in Spanish… while in Mexico I discovered just how much of a dominance by the usual suspects in fantasy and sci fi exists.) Anyhow did a draft in Jer’s since I love the side notes and those might be needed for an effort in my native tongue, but will test this theory in Scriv

I will let you know how well this works in a romance language I know it should do well… (and anybody knows of a GOOD mac compatible Spanish Dictionary… what comes on-board is not sufficient). I should have this tested by tomorrow, I think.

I know I will start with a lot of copy and paste from Dramatica to Scriv… as I need to transfer my characters…

Well it works… apart of the different spelling and having to change the keyboard layout (easy as pie), it works.

I just have to remember to bring it back to US or UK layout before going on the board.