Scriv is inconsistent remembering last project open

Is it just me or Scrivener pretty bad at remembering which was the last project open?

Mine just does not seem to be able be able to get it right more than once every three or four times. When opening Scrivner programme it regularly auto-opens the project before last, or even further back.

This may be a result of the fact that I often have multiple Projects open at the same time, though I have been trying to leave the just one open for a signficant time (10 mins) before closing everything.

Vista, beta 20.

Scrivener currently doesn’t remember which project was last closed instead it remembers which project was last opened. From what you’ve said, you’ve been wanting Scrivener to remember the last project that was closed.

This won’t help with the bug, if it is one, but what I’ve done is make a shortcut on my desktop for each project (you could put the shortcuts somewhere else if that works better for you). Instead of opening Scrivener from the program shortcut or the Programs menu on the Start menu, I open whichever project I want to work on by using the shortcut for that project.