Scriv Links not working

Scrivener links in both the Document or Project Notes no longer work.

Links in the main Editor do - just not those in the Notes.

I have selected “Open clicked Scrivener links in = Current Editor” as a preference but clicking a link (either an old or a newly created one) in the doc/proj column does nothing. If I set prefs to “Open clicked Scrivener links in = Other Editor” I get the link opening in one window of a split editor, which I suppose is normal behaviour.

It used to work - in fact I came to depend on making click-able lists of page references and current items in the Project Notes.

Would someone be kind enough to suggest whether this is a bug (on my copy of Scriv or global) or else a feature that has been changed in Scriv V2?

many thanks.

Ummmm…it looks like a bug to me. I had mine set to open in a QR window so I never noticed, but testing this out I get the results you describe. Works fine if you choose to open Scrivener Links in “Other Editor” or “Quick Reference Window” but not for “Current Editor.” It also works to open newly created links (in the notes pane) in the current editor. So the problem seems to be:

  1. In Preferences, have Scrivener Links set to open in Current Editor
  2. In a document’s note pane or in the project note pane, make a Scrivener Link to an existing document
  3. Click the link

Expected behavior would be for the link to open in the current editor, obviously, but nothing happens at all. That sounds like what’s happening to you.

Workaround could be to use the document reference panel for this purpose–if you set preferences to open references from the main window in the current editor, you’ll be able to achieve what you’re after. You can drag and drop links easily there and you can always rename them if you want (the way you’d be able to create a Scrivener Link on any text you liked in the notes pane). Unfortunately I can’t think of a fast way to move a pre-existing list from the notes to the references, but maybe something will come to me. Hm.

Thanks for suggesting the workaround MimeticMouton. I’ll give Project References a go, although it looks like things could get pretty crowded there before long.

On the other hand, if it is a bug then perhaps it’ll be squashed in the next release. :slight_smile:

Should I move the topic to the bugs forum?

Done! Thanks for bringing this to my attention. Just to check: this only affects the inspector notes area, doesn’t it (both showing regular and project notes in the inspector)? I’ve just squished the bug there ready for 2.0.3 and everywhere else seems to work fine.


If I understand you correctly then yes, it’s only apparent in the inspector. Links in the editor seem to work fine.

Thanks for the squishin’ and glad to be of assistance!

In the notes pane of a QR window (and in the document itself, when in QR), the link always opens in another QR window, regardless of the settings (current, other or QR). It’s a little unclear that it would do so, but I’m imagining that’s just the limitation of the QR window rather than a bug.

Yes, that’s correct behaviour - QR windows shouldn’t have their documents changed, and I don’t think they should change the contents of the main window, so this seems right to me.

Yep, makes sense. It never bothered me; I was only looking at it according to the settings in Preferences, and I guess since it specifies differences when you’re in Full Screen I wasn’t sure if it ought to for QR also. But QR windows are a whole different creature anyway, since you can’t change the documents in them in any other way either, as you say–there’s no back and forward in them, so if you did change, how would you get back? Etc. Makes sense.