Scriv not recognizing my registration name and/or number

Hi all,

I just purchased the full version of Scriv at the end of my trial period. As of the time-stamp on this message I am unable to register Scriv because my registration name and/or number is not recognized when I input (copy and paste from confirmation email) the appropriate info. There are no extra spaces after the name or number.

Your help would be greatly appreciated since I’m anxious to get back into my project.


Ok, I can now confirm 100% that I’m not doing ANYTHING incorrectly. Can anybody give me any sense for how long the Scrivener sales associates take to get back to you? This will become something like an emergency if I’m still locked out by tomorrow morning.


The Scrivener team is usually pretty fast at getting back to you; did you email David at sales support? I can’t say for sure though that it would be before tomorrow. Meanwhile, I apologize if this sounds stupid, but it sounded like you were using a 1.54 trial (since 2.0 hasn’t been out long enough to have had the trial expire). Are you entering the registration info into that, or did you download 2.0 from the main Scrivener page when you purchased the license? The code you bought won’t work on 1.54; it’s a 2.0 code only, so you’ll need to download 2.0 for it to work. Also make sure you’re using the “real” 2.0 off the Scrivener site rather than the NaNoWriMo trial; that one won’t accept registration either.

Try downloading the latest 2.0 download and reinstalling it. This action will not hurt your project, but many little bugs were worked out and micro-built into the download version.

I bet that will solve your troubles.

Do you have textpander or SIMBL installed? Those seem to jack up a lot.

I don’t work for L+L so I’m just being a nosy interloper. I het reinstalling from the download on this website will fix it.

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Oh, and yes, sounds like you need to download version 2.0. :slight_smile:

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If you were using the NaNo trial version then that doesn’t accept registration information as it was a preview released before 2.0 was finished. In that case, as others have advised, download the proper version of 2.0 from the main product page.

If you e-mailed David then I’m sure he will have got back to you by now - if you need a fast answer it’s always best to e-mail us directly.

All the best,