Scriv on iPad?

What do you think? Itsy-bitsy touch keyboard, less room on the screen (unless you attach a real keyboard, of course). But very portable. Maximum coolness. Touch-sensitive corkboard? Watch those stickpins.

Maybe not, maybe so.

Greg Shenaut

Er, I think this discussion has been done to death already - just search the forums. And I posted a very long blog message on the topic, too.

There are no plans, I have very little interest in the iPad as a platform anyway, and were I to branch out and try to kill myself developing for platform other than the Mac there are other platforms that would be more fruitful. Life is short and I’m only interested in developing software I’ll use myself.

Not that I rule anything out, of course. :slight_smile:

All the best,

Interesting. I did, of course, search the forums before posting and found only two threads, neither particularly relevant. Obviously, I screwed up the search somehow.


Greg Shenaut

No need to apologise, and sorry if I came across as testy, it’s just that there’s been a lot of debate and pressure and I’m a bit talked out on the topic. If you search for iPad you get 23 pages of results - all from the past month or two, obviously. :open_mouth:

Here are the two main threads on the topic:

Scrivener for iPad (10 pages and many lengthy replies from me)

Apple iPad & Scrivener (7 pages and some fun alternative platforms on which Scrivener should run)

And my blog post on the topic (very long, very rambling): … pment.html

I’m just a bit talked out on the topic as it feels as though I’ve had to repeat myself while banging my head against a brick wall over and over again, but I should have given you the links in the first place - apologies.

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I think I had a dream about Scrivener on the iPad. It basically worked better than any software ever could. Sad that I had a dream about software in the first place, but kudos to you, Keith, for making something that people care so much about!

Also search topics on Scrivener on iPhone since the iPhone and iPad are essentially the same platform.