Scriv opens, docs don't

Hi -

I’ve cleared all prefs, reinstalled Scriv and same problem: the application opens, but does not open existing scriv docs. It won’t even allow me to create a new doc - goes through the new doc dialogue, but won’t respond when I click create. I’m on Mac OS 10.4.



If you’ve cleared your preferences, it most certainly won’t open any projects when you launch, as the list of projects that should be opened are stored in the preferences file. However, of course you should be able to create new projects… Some things to check:

  1. Ensure you haven’t got any fonts disabled on your system - it may be that Scrivener expects a certain font that has been disabled.
  2. Check your QuickTime installation is good. Try launching QuickTime - if it crashes, then you need to reinstall QuickTime.
  3. After trying to create a new project in Scrivener and failing, open the console (~/Applications/Utilities/ and see if any error messages are printed out there about Scrivener. If so, post theme here.