Scriv pc won't open scriv mac file ???

Hi. The earlier versions of the scrivener for windows beta seemed to open my scrivener mac file no problem. The current version won’t open it at all. Is everyone finding this ? Is there a way around it ? And is it expected the scrivener for windows will be able to open scrivener for mac files eventually ?

Hi midadog,

Definitely the Mac and Windows version should ultimately be compatible, but there are still some issues being ironed out. I haven’t had any trouble thus far opening Mac-created Scrivener projects in the 022 Windows beta, but I’ve had projects in earlier beta versions that simply didn’t open–no error message, just nothing happening when I try to open the .scrivx file. Is that what you’re getting here? What’s the size of the project? Is this one you previously opened in Windows (and if so, did you make any significant changes to it since then)?