.scriv project crashes Scrivener every time

13k words into a new manuscript and something went wrong!

I have a .scriv project that won’t open and I’ve tried a few rounds of troubleshooting. I’ve also sent the file to Literate and Latte support, but delays. Anyways, I have been able to isolate the issue to the project itself (I can open other projects fine but not the one in question).

Please help? I’m at a loss.

I’m on Mac version 10.13.6. Scrivener 3.1.3. The last time I saved the scrivener project it seemed like everything was fine. It appeared to save. I then quit Scrivener and opened tried to open the project a day later and it crashes Scrivener every time. Won’t load at all, straight to beach ball.

Have you tested any of the backups?
(remember to make a copy of the backup, with a different name, so you don’t mix them with the original project)

@lunk No, haven’t tried that. Ashamed to admit I didn’t even realize there was a backup. This is my first time using Scrivener. Will try now.

@lunk nope, the backup file does the same thing.

Try resetting the project display settings, as explained here:
scrivener.tenderapp.com/help/kb … y-settings

If that doesn’t help, make sure you’ve sent a copy of the crash report with your support request.


@kewms, I love you. this worked. Thank you :slight_smile: