Scriv Project File icons in Dropbox - significance of them being different?

Hello all,

Quick question - what is the difference between these two icons?

Scriv project 001.png
Scriv project 002.png

Both are described as Scrivener Projects, and both appear to be .scrivx files.
The former contains a QuickLook folder, the latter doesn’t. But for the rest, same contents.

I realise this is in the iOS section - but the difference (since remedied), had me pick up a sync error in trying to open the 2nd one on the iPad.

The difference is exactly that one has a Quick Look folder. On macOS, you provide an app with a default icon (Scrivener’s is the second one you show) and you can also provide Quick Look data, which macOS will use for the icon if available. The macOS version generates Quick Look data for a project, iOS does not, so an iOS-only project will use the default icon whereas a project that has been used on macOS will use the Quick Look version.

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Thanks Keith!