Scriv window width not saved in saved layout & Triangle bug

When I save a layout on my 13" macbook air, latest OSX, latest Scriv 2.6 (25479) using the layouts panel, and then activate that layout, the width of Scrivener is nearly twice the width of my screen. I have to resize then readjust the panels.

Didn’t find anything about this in the forum but I’m guessing it’s a known bug. ? If there’s a workaround, I’d appreciate the tip.

Also, a little bug of no consequence: In the right-side panel where Synopsis and General are expandable sections - if you expand the section (Synopsis or General), then collapse the same section by clicking on the text Synopsis or General. Then, click on the same section’s text and drag down (without letting up on the mouse button) the section’s triangle will point down as if the section is expanded but the section will remain collapsed.

Thanks for the brilliant work!

Hmm, that isn’t something I have not heard of or experienced myself. I use layouts quite a bit, too, and even use a MacBook Air (though the 11", that shouldn’t make any difference). Does this happen with every single layout you create, or is just one of them that is messed up?

On the second one: good catch! I’ll file it, though we may not get around to fixing it since all of these little controls and such will be overhauled in the future and it’s a pretty small one that doesn’t seem to hurt anything.

Thanks for getting back so quickly! I should have rebooted my Mac before I posted. I did completely close down and restart Scrivener - but no reboot. Those same saved layouts now work as they should. Don’t know what the problem was.

Yeah - triangle not really an issue. Just a nit.