Scriv Windows won't run Scriv MacOS file...?

Hi folks!

Not exactly sure in which forum I should be posting about this, as two machines and two OS’s are involved; but let me start here.

I’m running Scrivener on a Windows 7 machine (v. and on a MacBook (3.1.2). (And also on an iPad, but that’s not a problem in this instance.) The .scriv / document files are all housed in Dropbox.

The other day I tried to open a file on the Windows machine that I’ve been editing in the MacBook, and the Windows machine refused to open it, showing me the window that suggested the file had been created in a newer version of Scrivener , and that the Windows version in the W7 machine needed to be updated. Even though I was sure this wasn’t the case, I checked anyway and confirmed that the Windows version was up to date. And though it is, repeated attempts to open the file which which the Mac has no problems have produced no results.

This failure isn’t happening with ALL files… only some; and I can’t for the life of me tell what the differences might be between them. Has anyone else seen this problem? Any thoughts what might be causing it or how it might be resolved?

Thanks in advance for any help.

Best! – Diane

Version 3 uses a different file format to Windows 1.9. You either need to export the project in Mac version 2 format, which will open using your current Windows version … following which you will need to download and re-install v. 2.9 on your Mac so that you can continue working in that format—you can have both Scrivener 2 and Scrivener 3 installed on your Mac—or else you need to install the Windows v. 3 beta from here

and use that to work on the project in conjunction with Mac v. 3. Again you can have both versions running in Windows, though it seems they need to be installed in different directories.

Bear in mind, however, that the Windows v. 3 beta is a beta, and as such is not feature complete—Compile is one area, I believe—and may have other glitches. However, it does seem to be stable, and although Lit&Lat advise against using it for critical projects, many people seem to be doing so, including my collaborator. “Backup regularly” are your watchwords.



Thanks Mark! That explains a lot.

I think probably my best bet is to go ahead and install the Windows beta on the W7 machine, as it doesn’t get anywhere as much Scrivener use as the Mac does. We’ll see how they get along. :slight_smile:

Thanks again for the info!

Best – Diane

My pleasure. Also, if you’re used to using 3.1.2 on the Mac, the Windows 3 beta interface will be more harmonious for you.